Not Only An Architectural Designer,
But a Qualified Builder Too!

In-house Architectural Designer

Our talented in-house designer is also a qualified builder. One advantage of working with a designer who is also a builder is the practical insights they bring to the table.

He not only has the creative vision to bring your ideas to life but also the technical expertise to ensure that vision is achievable within your given budget. His incredible design ideas are based on what he has learned from observing architectural trends internationally and designing hundreds of homes already!

Warren has extensive knowledge of the whole industry from a creative and technical perspective. He knows exactly how a house comes together and understands the impact of the design on cost and buildability.

Warren won’t draw something that can’t be built regarding pricing and logistics. So you can rest assured you are in the best possible hands at Select Homes. 

Quick Turnaround On Drawings - Nothing Gets Lost In Translation

Having an in-house architectural designer means we can complete your custom home design plans fast!

There is a quicker turnaround time between the initial sketch and final architectural drawings, compared to if this service was outsourced or if you were working with a large franchise company where design plans would have to go through a long chain of people before they are finalised.

In addition, Warren will have a complete understanding of your design plans for custom design and building houses, so nothing gets lost in translation.

The Process of Designing Your Dream Home

Designing your new home is easily the most exciting part of the building process.

This is especially true when the design process is easy and stress-free.

With Select Homes, you can design your dream home seamlessly and enjoy every step of the process!