Custom Built Quality Homes Designed Just For You

Custom Design & Build

Do You Have A Vision For Your Dream Home That Is Truly Unique?

Maybe you have browsed plans but haven’t found one that completely captures the form or function you’re trying to achieve. You may be seeking to capture a particular style of architecture that isn’t typical. We get excited when clients come to us and want to create something different. A hallmark of our team is creating bespoke homes that reflect your lifestyle, personality, and preferences.

No matter what your vision is, whether it’s a rural home that blends seamlessly with your landscape, a luxury six-bedroom house on a lifestyle block or a contemporary two-story house built to maximise views, we’ve got the capability and design flair to make it happen. The difference between us and other companies is simple – we genuinely care and take the time to get it right. We are personally invested in each and every one of our homes.

In-House Architectural Designer

Our talented in-house designer is also the company’s founder. Warren is a qualified builder and architectural designer with over 25 years of experience. One advantage of working with a designer who is also a builder is the practical insights they bring to the table.

He not only has the creative vision to bring your ideas to life, but also the technical expertise to ensure that vision is achievable within your given budget. His incredible design ideas are based on what he has learned from observing architecture trends internationally and designing hundreds of homes over 25 years!

Warren has extensive knowledge of the whole industry both from a creative and technical perspective. He knows exactly how a house comes together and understands the impact of the design on cost and buildability. Warren won’t draw something that can’t actually be built in terms of pricing and logistics. With Select Homes, you can build with confidence.

Cost Effective

Building your perfect home doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.

You may have all of these incredible ideas but don’t think they’ll be able to fit in your budget – but you may be surprised!

As builders, we are able to accurately determine whether your ideas will fit within the boundaries of your budget early in the design process.

With our technical expertise, we can find practical and cost-effective solutions. Additionally, we can advise you on what features will be expensive and suggest alternatives.

With a Select Homes house, you’ll be surprised what you can build on a budget. Using our custom-built homes, you can specify every element to suit your vision, budget, and section.